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Theta Omega Partners with Breonna Taylor's Foundation: Protest to the Polls

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Beginning September 12, 2020 through October 3, 2020 the Theta Omega Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. organized multiple voter registrations at select locations across Louisville including the Newburg , Shively and Russel neighborhoods. COVID 19 protocols were enforced.

From the protests and now to the polls, Breonna Taylor's family, along with others, are pushing for everyone to get registered to vote. 

"We’re definitely going to take our protesting to the polls and just encourage everybody who’s not registered to get out here and get registered," Bianca Austin, Taylor's aunt, said Thursday. "Help us make our voices heard. And the way we can do that is to vote." With four months of voices heard on the streets throughout the push for racial equity and justice for Breonna Taylor, the focus is now on making sure voices are heard by ballot, with just one month until Election Day. 

"This election is probably one of the most important things for everybody, as a community, as a culture, so it was very important that we got out here to help people register to vote and help people get out to vote," Austin said. 

Austin joined the Theta Omega chapter of Omega Phi Psi, in holding a voter registration event Thursday evening in the Russell neighborhood. Austin is pushing for the energy from the community's fight for justice to carry over into voting.

"Pushing for change and that's the only way that we will see judicial change is we get out here and we start voting," she said. "A lot of people ask me how can we help you all what can we do? Do me a favor and educate people, educate each other and push people to get out here and vote."

"We're asking everyone if you have that energy keep that same energy that you have in the streets to the polls," Dee Muldrow, president of the alumni fraternity chapter, said. 

Muldrow said his organization has already been pushing voter registration for weeks, canvassing neighborhoods door-to-door to get the word out about the election. 

"It's very important to know who you're voting for, why you're voting for them, how to vote, where to vote and when you need to vote," he said. "That’s why were out here still beating the pavement and making sure we get all of that info out to the public."

With the election getting closer, Muldrow said he's focusing more on voter education, especially for elderly folks and ex-felons who've re-gained their voting rights.

Local radio stations B96.5 radio personality Bella Rae, Magic 101.3 radio personality Herlon Robinson, ABC Affiliate WHAS reporter Kristin Pierce, The Breonna Taylor Foundation, and The Legendary Palm room collaborated with the Theta Omega Chapter with this successful endeavor.

"We give them the information, we have it on hand here and once they get the information they're oblivious to the fact that they're able to vote," he said. "Operating on your constitutional right that our ancestors fought for. So they fought for it, they died for it, so it's a must that we play our part in order to make that happen and be apart of it." 

"Especially our youth like our youth need to know how important it is to be out here and vote," Austin added. 

The deadline to register to vote in Kentucky is in just a few days on October 5.

"It's go time," Muldrow said. "Moving forward if we don't agree with these policies or agree with the politicians in office, we must affect that and get into those offices and get into that boardroom and show up in the council meetings," Muldrow said. 

"To make sure people in our neighborhood are aware and any way shape or form we can help were willing to do so," Austin said.

Both organizations, along with others, said they also plan to offer rides or host caravans to help voters get to the polls.

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