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Welcome to the Men of Quality mentoring program for African-American males in grades 6-12. Our goal is to help young men set realistic goals, realize that the future belongs to those who are prepared, and become role models that can share their time, resources, and efforts in giving back to our community and country. Our program is offered in various middle and high schools throughout the Jefferson County Public School District. 




  • Theta Omega aims to provide a reservoir of college professionals that work & mentor students who live in the greater Louisville community.


  • Builds student self-esteem to arrest negative outlook on life

  • Focuses on (but not limited to) African American male students

  • Builds quality relationship among students, role models, and mentors

  • Develops student appreciation for Education as a vehicle for skill-set development that narrows the Achievement-Education-Commerce gap

  • Expands student horizons via field trips to other environments

  • Highlights to students that the Goals & Choices that they make now will have lasting impact on their Quality of Life in the future

  • Provides a platform that enhances educational and personal development


  • All students will graduate prepared to realize their full potential as citizens of the community who are ready to negotiate the realities life and ready to contribute to our society for duration of their lives



The Men of Quality program grew out of the ideals of the 1995 Million Man March. The initial programs were organized by five Louisville educators and five brothers having proven experience in mentoring youth. The mission proposed was presented and vetted by the Jefferson County Board of Education in 1995. More than 4000 students have participated in the Men of Quality program since 1996. The handbook containing mission, purpose, and protocols is published annually. The MOQ program continues to evolve. A comprehensive review of the work of the Men of Quality program is reported annually as part of the Omega Psi PhiTheta Omega Chapter Social Action Manual.


The fiscal formal Men of Quality program is divided into three Major sections:

  1. Mentoring Programs for each of the 22 Jefferson County Public Schools

  2. Life Style Choices Forum

  3. Summer Academic Transition Camp was conducted in fiscal 2014


The Men of Quality program operates under the aegis of the Theta Omega Chapter with brothers from Theta Omega Chapter volunteering to aid school officials in administering the program. Brother Lonnie Golson is the 2019 coordinator of the Men of Quality program.


Individual Men of Quality chapters are composed of a school contact/coordinator, students selected by the coordinator, and volunteers who are principally from Theta Omega Chapter. The school coordinator/contact person and assistants are elected by the school principals. Brothers from Theta Omega Chapter aid the school coordinators in developing a year’s agenda of topics, speakers, and timing of each meeting. In 2019, there were thirty-two school under the MOQ envelop. 


There were thirty-two (39) active JCPS Men of Quality chapters. In 2019, Theta Omega Chapter incorporated elementary schools into the program for the first time.

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