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Randy’s Kitchen Returns

On December 30, 2022 fifty-five (55) brothers of Theta Omega Chapter met in the banquet room (7th floor) of the Chestnut Street YMCA to feed and provide clothing for (40) homeless residents who live in the resident’s section of the building.

The Theta Omega Chapter purchased and donated food, clothing, and Christmas Stockings for forty (40) homeless men who reside in the YMCA. In addition to donating food and clothing, Brothers of Theta Omega Chapter worked as food servers and janitors for the event.

Brother Swannie Jett CEO of Park DuValle donated the meat for this momentous occasion.

The banquet , aka Randy’s Kitchen, was named for brother William Randy Barnett who sponsored and organized the event before he succumbed to multiple health problems. Bro. Bryan Barnett,(2nd generation Que) and Bro Kevin Holston now co-chair Randy’s Kitchen.

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